List of MOTOTRBO Models

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EMEA Asia Paciific North America Latin America
DP1400 XiR P3688 CP200d DEP450
R2 R2 R2 R2
DP2400 XiR P6600 XPR3300 DEP550
DP2600 XiR P6620 XPR3500 DEP570
DP2400e XiR P6600i XPR3300e DEP550e
DP2600e XiR P6620i XPR3500e DEP570e
DP3400 XiR P8200 XPR6300 DGP4150
DP3401 XiR P8208 XPR6350 DGP4150+
DP3600 XiR P8260 XPR6500 DGP6150
DP3601 XiR P8268 XPR6550 DGP6150+
DP4400 XiR P8600 -None- DGP5050
DP4401 XiR P8608 XPR7350 DGP8050
DP4600 XiR P8620 -None- -None-
DP4601 XiR P8628 -None- -None-
DP4800 XiR P8660 -None- DGP5550
DP4801 XiR P8668 XPR7550 DGP8550
DP4400e XiR P8600i -None- DGP5050e
DP4401e XiR P8608i XPR7350e DGP8050e
DP4600e -None- -None- -None-
DP4601e XiR P8628i -None- -None-
DP4800e XiR P8660i -None- DGP5550e
DP4801e XiR P8668i XPR7550e DGP8550
DP4401Ex XiR P8608 Ex -None- -None-
DP4801Ex XiR P8668 Ex XPR7550 IS DGP8550Ex
DP3441 XiR E8608 -None- DGP8050 Elite
DP3661 XiR E8628 -None- -None-
DP3441e XiR E8600i -None- DGP8050e Elite
DP3661e XiR E8628i -None- -None-
SL1600 SL1M SL300 SL500
SL2600 SL2M -None- SL500e
SL4000 SL1K SL8550 SL7550
SL4010 SL1K -None- -None-
SL4000e SL2K SL8550e SL7550e
SL4010e ?? -None- -None-
R7 R7 R7 R7


EMEA Asia Pacific North America Latin America
DM1400 XiR M3188 CM200d DEM300
DM1600 XiR M3688 CM300d DEM400
DM2600 XiR M6660 XPR2500 DEM500
DM3400 XiR M8220 XPR4300 DGM4100
DM3401 XiR M8228 XPR4350 DGM4100+
DM3600 XiR M8260 XPR4500 DGM6100
DM3601 XiR M8268 XPR4550 DGM6100+
DM4400 XiR M8620 -None- DGM5000
DM4401 XiR M8628 XPR5350 DGM5500
DM4600 XiR M8660 -None- DGM8000
DM4601 XiR M8668 XPR5550 DGM8500
DM4400e XiR M8620i -None- DGM5000e
DM4401e XiR M8628i XPR5350e DGM5500e
DM4600e XiR M8660i -None- DGM8000e
DM4601e XiR M8668i XPR5550e DGM8500e


EMEA Asia Pacific North America Latin America
DR3000 XiR R8200 XPR8400 DGR6175
MTR3000 MTR3000 MTR3000 MTR3000
SLR1000 SLR1000 SLR1000 SLR1000
SLR5500 SLR5300 SLR5700 SLR5100
SLR8000 SLR8000 SLR8000 SLR8000


  • The XPR8400 was originally sold as a XPR8300 with 8MB memory. When the memory was upgraded to 32MB, the model name was changed - but only in North America - to XPR8400. All other regions did not make this distinction and the only way to determine the repeaters' memory size is to look at the TANAPA number on the back.[1]
  • A number of EMEA models are also marketed in Australia and New Zealand.[2] [3]


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