Call Alert

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Sometimes a worker cannot respond to a radio call, this could be due to a variety of reasons. Typically, on analogue or less sophisticated radios systems, calling a user would involve pressing the PTT, or dialling their number, then calling their name or using a callsign – this works but occupies the radio channel or system and adds to the radio-chatter.

Instead of wasting system time and resources by calling users who won’t be able to answer, a user can instead send them a Call Alert. This makes the called radio sound a ringing tone. The called user has the option of answering the call or ignoring it by either pressing the PTT or by pressing the programmed cancel button.

Pressing the PTT will setup a private call between called and calling radio. Its also possible to send Call Alert from a dispatch console.

  • Call Alert is available in digital mode only - though a similar feature may be available in analogue mode but is model and system dependent.
  • All MOTOTRBO radios are capable of receiving a Call Alert.
  • Radios without a display and keypad can also send a Call Alert to a predetermined radio by assigning a Private Call to one of the programmable buttons.
  • All dispatch applications, designed to work with MOTOTRBO, can send and receive call alerts.