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CPS2 has been redesigned to resemble the Radio Management user interface.

CPS2 and CPS are PC based applications used to configure a MOTOTRBO radio or repeater. The CPS2 will read codeplug data, saved in the radio allowing the user to edit it. Changes are then written back to the radio or repeater using a USB cable.

In R2.10.0, the MOTOTRBO CPS underwent a complete redesign. This redesign will enable future functionality and eases installation. The look and feel was aligned with that of Radio Management.

New Features

CPS2 Parser.png

The CPS now has a Parser function. When opening or reading a codeplug, there is a Validation Results and Warning Messages tab at the bottom right that tells you if you've made a mistake or have missed something.

Its now possible to recover a device licence. So for example, if you have a SLR5500 and replace the modem board, the Multisite Capacity Plus licence that was on the defective modem board is lost. But since the serial number is retained, you can reactivate the (or any purchased licence) by going to the Licences menu and selecting Recover Device Licence.

Contacts are now merged. In the older CPS, there would be one entry for each radio and one list for each signaling format. So for example, a radio with ID 101 would have an entry under digital contacts and if that radio also worked on an analogue channel it might have another entry for MDC1200 and one for Select-5. Now all of these numbers (including the users telephone number) are rolled into one entry.

CPS2 with a codeplug opened

You can have the older CPS and (the current) CPS2 installed on the same machine.

Upgrade Considerations

There are some important changes that users need to be aware of when considering an upgrade to this release.:

  • Radios on pre-R2.4.0 firmware are not supported. In order to rationalize the CPS, 2nd generation radios with firmware older than R2.4.0 will not be supported. If you have radios on this firmware, you either need to upgrade or continue using CPS version 16.0 (or older).
  • The first generation radios will still be supported - I have tested that myself and can read my DP3601 using CPS2.
  • You can open CTB files, created in an older CPS version but can only save the file (and any changes) as a CTB2 file. The older CPS will not be able to open this CTB2 file.
  • You cannot open more than one codeplug at a time. If you want to open multiple files, you need to start a 2nd instance of the CPS2.
  • You can open XPBA files that were generated by someone using Radio Management.
How contacts are presented in CPS2

Clone Express

Clone Express allows you to clone a codeplug into multiple radios of the same model. The CPS2 will read out the radio identity parameters of the target radio; merge them with the opened codeplug then write the merged codeplug to the target devices. This was possible in the old CPS but required you to change preferences each time you wanted to do this.

Radio Management Template Mode no longer supported

In R2.10.0 Radio Management Template Mode (otherwise known as RM 1.0) is no longer supported. This is necessary to support future features while keeping the user interface uncluttered.

User who still use Radio Management Template Mode can either:

  1. Upgrade the database to Radio Management Configuration Mode.
  2. Continue using the current version of Radio Management and Template Mode. but without the ability to add new-from-the-factory radios.

Motorola Solutions offer a tool that allows users to check whether a database can be upgraded to Configuration Mode and if not, what are the problems.

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