Battery Saver

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While turned on and in standby, any portable two-way radio will consume a small amount of energy from the battery. To reduce this, MOTOTRBO radios have a battery saver feature that puts the radio into a semi-dormant state when there is no activity on the channel. This reduces energy consumption and extends battery life.

Battery Saver Comparison
Battery Saver Operational Time
Enabled 12 hours[1]
Disabled 15 hours[1]

Battery Saver achieves this by turning the receiver circutiry on and off during period where there is no traffic on the channel. It therefore possible that a radio will be slow to un-mute (or respond) when a call or message is received. For this reason, there is a configurable preamble in all radios - this prepends a transmission with a few milliseconds of null (960ms by default) allowing the receiving radios to "wake up".

On very busy systems the saving will also no be much since battery saver has little chance to turn on.


  1. 1.0 1.1 A MOTOTRBO Portable with 1500mAh battery will provide 12 hours of service with Battery Saver disabled and 15 hours with Battery Saver enabled.