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Dynamic Group Number Assignment is a Capacity Max feature that allows a dispatch application like SmartPTT Plus or TRBONET Plus, to send an Add Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA) Talkgroup to a radio.

Applications for this could be a special event where users from different teams (using different Talkgroups) need to communicate with each other for the duration of the event. Or at an Airport where radio users from the baggage; freight; catering and maintenance need to communicate with each other when a plane parks at the terminal.

When a radio receives the command to add DGNA Talkgroup, it replaces the contact, and alias of the current personality. Depending on the configuration, the radio uses the existing personality and the RX group assigned to it, with the addition of the newly assigned DGNA Talkgroup. All other configurable options of the personality, with the exception of the newly added DGNA Talkgroup, remain the same.

All radios in a DGNA Talkgroup, that utilize encryption, must have the same keys in their key list. This allows communication regardless of whether all radios have the same privacy key in the personality holding the DGNA Talkgroup.

If the scan list contains the maximum number of Talkgroups, one non-priority Talkgroup is dropped from the list to make room for the DGNA'ed Talkgroup.

When a radio has a DGNA Talkgroup, it is possible to change personalities and move away from, and back to, the DGNA Talkgroup. However, the scan list of a different personality may not contain the DGNA Talkgroup so therefore calls may be missed if the user changes "channel".

DGNA Talkgroup Add accepts and processes DGNA commands even when the radio is away from the intended personality.

DGNA also optionally supports authentication. When enabled, the radio authenticates the system before processing any DGNA command.

There is also the possibility to configure a DGNA One Touch Button which allows the user to initiate a call to the Talkgroup that was replaced by the DGNA Talkgroup.


To support Dynamic Group Number Assignment, the following are needed:

  1. Capacity Max system running in Advantage Mode.
  2. MOTOTRBO radios with R2.10.0 firmware or later.
  3. Upgrade the CMSS; Repeaters and Radios to R2.10.0
  4. SmartPTT Plus 9.5 or TRBONET 5.4) - or later.
  5. One HKVN4694A DGNA licence per trunking controller (CMSS).